Monday, February 13, 2006

Brad Perry Disaster

I recently came across a fantastic new band, playing at the friendliest bar in town, the Capital. They were actually opening, but as many of you can attest, it is often worth going just to see the opening band play.

The band is the Brad Perry Disaster, composed of Mike Bird on the Bass, Andrew Blakney on the Drums, Heather Ogilvie on the Violin/Keys and Brad Perry (of course) on Guitar/Keys/Vocals.

This band is quite a treat to watch play live. Brad and Heather played a type of musical chairs with the keyboard, moving between Brad’s fantastic guitar sequences and Heather’s serene violin.

The band has yet to record together, but I was able to obtain some of Brad's material, done solo. The first song, Icefield, is an amazing 8m39s of sequenced instrumental build-up. I also include Under he debris of you and me, a nice ballad where you can hear some of Brad’s excellent vocals.

As of right now, the band doesn’t seem to have any shows lined up, but that is not that uncommon. Enjoy!

[mp3] Brad Perry - Icefield
[mp3] Brad Perry - Under the debris of you and me


gigantor said...

Hey fuckers, I got me one a these fancy blogs too! fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Trick said...

Wow, Travis. I really like Icefield, especially. It's quite mesmerizing and the title actually describes it quite well.