Monday, February 27, 2006

Bring in the strings

Over the last five or so years, Vitamin Records has released a ton of string quartet tributes (the current count is 188). These are the same people that put together the Indie Translations of Kanye West that do it old maid brought us. The first one of these CDs I got was the Nine Inch Nails tribute. It was fantastic because Trent Reznor had always had a lot of texture in his music. Most of the other albums have just become a novelty, they are fun, none the less. Enjoy!

[mp3] Nine Inch Nails - Heresy (sqt)
[mp3] Radiohead - Paranoid Android (sqt)
[mp3] Tool - Hush(sqt)
[mp3] Weezer - Say it ain't so (sqt)
[mp3] Coldplay - Clocks (sqt)

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