Friday, February 10, 2006

Evil Rematch

My name is Patrick and I suffer from rockaholism.

For my first music post, I want to offer up two tunes as an introduction. The first is a song called Rematch by The Trick. If you've been paying attention, you'll notice that's me. Yes, I dink around with keyboards and guitars, and I've heard some people refer to me as a "musician." This song covers one particular area of my musical background, which is electronic music. I grew up on a lot of Cure, Depeche Mode, that sort of thing, and I think that's fairly apparent in this song. I hope you enjoy.

For something that's not shameless self-promotion, check out Evil Has Never by Union of Knives. I came across this song at another music blog (Green Pea-ness) and I was instantly hooked. It's dark electronic pop at its best -- it's bold and direct, but it also demonstrates an unsettling amount of restraint and sensitivity. The song is also "Travis-Approved," so I guess that means it's highly recommended.

[mp3] Rematch - The Trick
[mp3] Evil Has Never - Union of Knives

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travisthered said...

seriously "travis approved"

Anonymous said...

Travis is a super liar! Student?

Matt (who at some point might register)

travisthered said...

What? I am a Student of a liar? or a student and i liar? or maybe you are asking if you can be my student in the noble art of lying. Well, no matt. There can oly ever be two. No more, No less. One Master, one apprentice.

Anonymous said...

so who's your apprentice now? Or rather who's your master?
Oh, and we totally have to go see When a Stranger Calls:) it looks awful...