Sunday, February 19, 2006

Herbs of the genus Vicia

Wow Pat, your heritage rawks!I guess it would be fitting now for me to post something from my home and have us compare… well, I am posting a band from my hometown, Fredericton, but the genres are incomparable.

Kora Woolsey is the founding member and principal songwriter of the band Vetch. This was originally the name of her solo act, but over times her side people and backing bands names got more and more complicated. Now Vetch is a five piece, consisting of Kora Woolsey on vocals and guitar, Jeannine Gallant on trombone, vocals, and keyboards, Matte Robinson on trumpet, keyboards, and vocals, Scott Culligan on bass and Andrew Demerchant on drums.

This band has a fantastic stage presence and if anyone has the chance to see them live, they should. They have a head-bobbin, hip-swaying, jive kind of sound (that makes sense, right?)

Their CD Life is not that hard is nominated for Alternative album of the year at the ECMAs. Good Luck!

And to you, Enjoy!

[mp3] Vetch - Photo for the Press
[mp3] Vetch - Thumbelina

*Buy Vetch's Album Life is not that hard at Backstreet Records in Fredericton, Saint John, or at Sam's In Halifax.


supergurg said...

great tunes!


supergurg said...

P.S. thanks for the recommendation, ive featured the band on my own blog as i enjoyed the tunes so much!


The Trick said...

They're definitely a local treasure, so it's cool to see them making the rounds a bit. Thanks Gurg!