Friday, February 17, 2006

Kill The Business

To begin, I'd like to send out a big, hearty, welcome to all our new readers. We've been getting way more traffic than we expected in these first few weeks, so thank you for making us feel loved. Yay for love!

I said when we started this blog that I wanted to feature some music from our own area for all you interwebbers. Exactly where is "our own area," you ask? We are on the Canadian east coast in New Brunswick, which is nestled between Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, collectively known as the maritime provinces. Some cool stuff that's come out of here includes Eric's Trip, Thrush Hermit/Joel Plaskett, The Burdocks, Buck 65, and a bajillion others. Seriously, a bajillion. I counted.

On Vinyl is a rock band from Fredericton. They recently put out a self-released album called Strode Dodger, which you can find more info about at their official site. To describe their music, I think the most accurate comparison I can come up with would be to say they're well-suited for fans of The Foo Fighters. They've got riffs, they've got hooks, and they've got a singer who sounds like he's scratching his own throat out when he kicks it up a notch. Lost and Gawking is definitely the more accessible of the two songs I'm posting; there's something about its simple pop charm that excites me. Strode Dodger shows off the band's slightly more aggressive side.

[mp3] On Vinyl - Strode Dodger
[mp3] On Vinyl - Lost and Gawking

* Buy Strode Dodger here.


travisthered said...

hey man, i just got back from an On Vinyl show at the capital. They did a rocking job, they are playing saturday night too.

rachel said...

what about Pimp-T?