Thursday, February 16, 2006

Nouvelle Vague

I am glad someone else brought up the Nouvelle Vague cover last post. I think that it is a good idea if I elaborate on who Nouvelle Vague are. It is a french project initialized by Marc Collin and Oliver Libaux. Basically "nouvelle vague" is french for "new wave". Their goal was to cover their favorite tracks of the early eighties with new young singers, keeping the fundamental chords the same but applying a bossa nova or jazz style.

The first song I am posting is I Just Can't Get Enough, which is a Depeche Mode cover. Depeche Mode has become one of the most influential electro-pop bands of the eighties and they're still releasing new daring music. Nouvelle Vague's rendition is sung by Eloisa.

The second song I am posting is A Forest, which is a Cure cover. The Cure were one of the most enduring bands that emerged from the Eighties. The atmosphere, production, and Robert Smith's gloomy and introspective lyrics were all revolutionary. His new music is also fantastic. This version is sung by Marina.

The last song I am posting is I Melt With You. This is a cover of a Modern English song. This is basically the band's only hit and as far as I can tell they are no longer together. Don't worry, this song is still awesome. This version is sung by Silja.

[mp3] Nouvelle Vague - I just can't get enough
[mp3] Nouvelle Vague - A Forest
[mp3] Nouvelle Vague - I melt with you

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Anonymous said...

That DM cover is highly overrated, but cheers to posting 'A Forest'... also, 'In a Manner of Speaking' (Tuxedomoon) and 'Marian' (Sisters of Mercy) are the other great covers on the album.
: ]

The Trick said...

I like the DM cover, but "A Forest" definitely tops it. It's just so creepy.