Saturday, February 11, 2006

Those crazy Halifaxonians

A-hoy-hoy my friends, je suis vraiment tired. But it's'a posting time!

Based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Catholic Gaydar(also known as Stiff Kitty) is John Larusic, Amanda Bambrick and Matt Packman. They are also frequently many more people at live shows with special friend guest appearances or subs.

This band definitely has this kind of Postal service/My Morning Jacket/CYH,SY! feel to them. They say they play pop music of the fabulous kind, building their songs from scraps of sound found along the way to the gay bar.

I feel it is the style and humility about the vocals that gives this band that little extra push for me.The first song is actually a cover of a song by fellow Halifaxonians Sloan. The second is theirs. Enjoy!

[mp3] Catholic Gaydar – 500 Up

[mp3] Catholic Gaydar – Don’t Let Go


Anonymous said...

we're actually Haligonians, as weird as that might sound...

The Trick said...

I was going to point that out, but then I thought... maybe Travis is using his version ironically. (?) We'll have to ask him.

travisthered said...

yes, sillys. It is not very funny when everyone points out that you are wrong and asks if you knew that..

The Trick said...

Sorry... :)

Anonymous said...

hey, thanks a lot for your kind words!
we've only played gay bars here so far, but are working on an LP and the most flamboyant live show in the maritimes


for more songs


catholic gaydar