Thursday, March 02, 2006

1 + 1 = Awesome

I first heard of Brisbane, Australia's Sekiden when they were touring North America for their album Junior Fiction. The album is mostly a collection of short, fast, and extremely catchy synth-infused pop-punk songs. If you want a comparison, try to imagine what The Ramones might have sounded like if their lives had been changed by a Kraftwerk album and decided to buy some keyboards. You could maybe also throw some (good) Weezer into the mix and then you're starting to get close. Sound fun? Well, it is!

The band has been recording a follow-up album titled Sound Instincts, which will probably be released here by the cool folks at Boompa Records. Australia's Triple J radio has offered up our first preview from the new album, a song titled Up In The Air. Check it out! Seldon and 1 + 1 = Heartache are two of my favourites from Junior Fiction.

[mp3] Sekiden - Up In The Air
[mp3] Sekiden - Seldon
[mp3] Sekiden - 1 + 1 = Heartache

* Buy Junior Fiction from Boompa Records
* Visit Sekiden online

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