Thursday, March 16, 2006

10 Provinces: Nova Scotia

History: The Fugees and the founding of Lauryn Hill

The name Nova Scotia, as you may already have guessed, means "New Scotland." The province was one of the earliest North American regions to be settled and subsequently corrupted by Europeans.

In 1675, Scotland was in deep turmoil, torn apart by the bitter Braveheart Wars -- a series of battles with Russia that began in 1668. The countries had been feuding over trading rights to the canal that separated their lands. Patriotic Scots everywhere painted their faces blue to demonstrate their sovereignty and their command over the crucial waterway. The Russians, meanwhile just enjoyed dangling their feet in the crystal clear waters and did so whenever they darn well pleased.

When the war turned violent (there were a good three years of feet dangling first), Scotland was taking heavy casualties and the country was being softly killed by Russia's song of war. Having had enough of the violence and face painting, thousands of Scottish refugees (known affectionately as The Fugees) took to the seas in search of a new home and a better, foot-free future.

A three day ferry ride turned into three months of sea sickness and projectile vomiting when the captain's navigational tools were lost. A dull-witted mechanic had used them to prop open the maintenance door that kept hitting him while he worked... or so the story goes. Relieved to see any land at all, The Fugees landed on the shores of modern day Halifax and immediately set about building a settlement. A fort was constructed to protect the new land's shores near Lauryn Hill, now better known as Citadel Hill. Nova Scotia was born and the rest, as they say, is history.

[mp3] Classified - The Maritimes
[mp3] Feist - Mushaboom
[mp3] Sloan - The Marquee and the Moon
[mp3] Joel Plaskett - Love This Town
[mp3] The Fugees - Killing Me Softly
[mp3] U2 - Springhill Mining Disaster (radio session)
[mp3] Stan Rogers - Bluenose

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* Yes, Mushaboom is actually the name of a real place in Nova Scotia


dickrich said...

Mushaboom is such a corny track.

Thanks for the post, I can dig the historic tidbits.

Anonymous said...

I love you guys, i always wait for new posts. Its hilarious how many people (probably yanks) don't get that these "historic tidbits" are jokes...

Anonymous said...

Joel Plaskett rocked Parade Square in Halifax as part of the Juno's events. He sang Love This Town and he shocked me! It's awesome! I love Halifax but I need to get out because as much as I love it and Nova Scotia will always be my home...I partly hate it. Stay too long and you need to get out. Halifax is an amazing city that I will always come back to, even if people hold a grudge, but it tends to stand on the outer edge of reality...