Monday, March 20, 2006

10 Provinces: Ontario

Ontario, also known as Upper Canada or America Lite, is home to Canada’s capital and biggest cities. It is also home to the CN (Combat Newfoundland) Tower. At 553 meters it is the tallest free-standing structure on land in the world.

The tower's construction began in 1973 with the original intent of using it as a line of defense against the growing threat of revolution in Newfoundland. Thankfully in 1975 Newfoundland joined the Canadian Allegiance of East Coast Provinces (CAECP). As Ontario did not want to spoil its sea trade with PEI, it had to honour the wishes of the CAECP and disarmed the CN missile silo, reforming it to be part of the TV and radio communication platform in Toronto.

Today’s Ontario is rich in culture and diversity, holding Canada’s largest population of ex-patriated newfies. They are still sadly lacking in donairs.

[mp3] Final Fantasy - The CN Tower belongs to the dead
[mp3] The Mountain Goats - Ontario
[mp3] Manitoba - Dundas, Ontario (remix)
[mp3] Gordon Lightfoot - North Ontario
[mp3] Kardinal Offishal - Welcome to Toronto
[mp3] Steve Earle - Justice in Ontario
[mp3] Stompin' Tom Connors - Streets of Toronto
[mp3] A/V - Miss Toronto
[mp3] The Tragically Hip - Bobcaygeon

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys, nice attempt at the ten provinces, but i'm surprised not to see one rheostatics song on the list. They have a song for each of the provinces easily, plus they're one of the most revered and loved bands in Toronto, if not the most canadian band ever ever.
Random Guy

rgsc said...

Great job with this series. I was thinking of doing something similar...but it would have sucked compared to this.

My pick for ontario would have been DoMakeSayThink's "Ontario Plates"

The Trick said...

We'd come across several very suitable Rheostatics songs in our searching, but finding the actual music was not always as easy. Hopefully we can still fix that oversight on one of the remaining provinces! And please, keep sharing your song suggestions. Our lists are FAR FAR FAR from complete and we love hearing your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

The CN Tower has nothing to do with Newfoundland. It simply a giant telecommunications tower built by the biggest railway company in the country.

mr_black said...

i always enjoy your blog. i just started one today laughing from the inside. lemme know what ya think.

travisthered said...

I have a Rheostatics song saved up for the NB Post that i will be doing in a few days, and there will most like ly be a special on them comeing up... Stay tuned.

ryansenseless said...

I have to say I'm enjoying this series. Nothing says Canada like great Canadian music.

The Enabler said...

The Posies - 'Ontario' from 'Amazing Disgrace' - s'cool.

Anonymous said...

I've really been enjoying this series on Canadian provinces. Not just the music but the amusing posts as well. Thanks for sharing and making me smile...