Monday, March 13, 2006

10 Provinces: Quebec

Quebec is one of the larger Canadian provinces, offering mountains, rivers, cities, and pretty much all that other stuff you associate with places. As any Quebecer will tell you, however, the people here are part of a unique cultural background.

We wish to celebrate at least one of these Quebecers that you may be familiar with -- everyone's favourite chanteuse, Celine Dion. Here are 10 things you maybe didn't know about Mrs. Dion:

1. Accent, Shmaccent, Celine Dion does not speak a word of French.
2. Celine Dion is secretly building nuclear weapons in the Las Vegas desert. Not so secret anymore, I guess.
3. Celine Dion's favourite cheese is cottage. It is also her favourite place.
4. Celine Dion's favourite hummus is pepperoni-flavoured.
5. Celine Dion's backstage is a strictly chimp-free zone.
6. Celine Dion has won 14 Juno Awards, Canada's premier award show celebrating musicians who have long since moved away from here.
7. Celine Dion does not believe in the number 7. Hence, no fact for number 7... Or... what?
8. Celine Dion is allergic to songwriting skills and clocks. That explains why her albums take forever to make and still aren't interesting.
9. Celine Dion proved that love really can move mountains. Until 1988, the Rockies were in Quebec. To this day, she blames love. Yeah right.
10. Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" is actually foreshadowing the fact that she will be around in zombie form long after we're all dead.

[mp3] Celine Dion - The Power Of Love
[mp3] Matt Pond PA - This is Montreal
[mp3] Mobile - Montreal Calling
[mp3] Juliana Hatfield - Fleur De Lys
[mp3] David Usher - St. Lawrence River
[mp3] Robert Charlebois - Je Reviendrai a Montreal
[mp3] The Stills - Of Montreal
[mp3] Pierre Trudeau discusses FLQ crisis with reporters

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