Thursday, March 16, 2006

10 Provinces Special: Joel Plaskett

Thrush Hermit released their first EP Smart Bomb in 1994 under Murderecords, fellow Haligonians Sloan’s label. After their second EP, The Great Pacific Ocean, in 1996 the group signed with Elektra Entertainment which released their first full-length album in 1997, Sweet Homewrecker. This didn’t quite live up to Elektra’s expectations and the band was bought out of the contract. Thrush Hermit returned north and released their final and best album Clayton Park. They disbanded in 1999.

Joel Plaskett was the band's lead singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter. He has since released two solo CDs and two CDs with his other band Joel Plaskett Emergency. At the 2006 East Coast Music Awards he won the SOCAN songwriter of the year award for his song "Happen Now," and male artist of the year.

I had some friends who went to the new years eve show in Hali expecting to see an awesome Joel Plaskett show, when in fact they were blown away by a surprise Thrush Hermit reunion show. Lucky buggers. I recommend first rocking out to From the Back of the Film. Enjoy!

[mp3] Thrush Hermit - From the Back of the Film
[mp3] Thrush Hermit - Hated It
[mp3] Joel Plaskett Emergency - Radio Fly
[mp3] Joel Plaskett Emergency - True Patriot Love
[mp3] Joel Plaskett - Absentminded Melody
[mp3] Joel Plaskett - Happen Now

* Buy Joel's DVD Make a Little Noise


Anonymous said...

All these tracks will take me 10 listens to get into, and I'm just not that patient enough.

Thanks for posting tho, now I know I'm not a fan.

Anonymous said...

Did that last poster actually listen to these songs? I'm from the south and have never heard these guys before and already love "radio fly" and "from the back of the film"... theyre so darn catchy.

Anonymous said...

Joel Plaskett Rocks, thanks for the good post.

supergurg said...

cheers! am enjoying the 'Happen Now' tune, but as anon #1 said, im not sure if im instantly grabbed by this artist - might take a few more listens

Gurg :)