Saturday, March 11, 2006

10 Provinces Special: The Tragically Hip

It was recently brought to my attention that in spite the huge success of the Canadian rock scene in 2005, there are still some great bands that are not recognized across the globe. We decided that between our 10 provinces posts, we are going to be featuring such bands. Awesome, eh?

Despite The Tragically Hip’s HUGE success here in Canada, the band has never been able to break into the US market, although they have never specifically sought it either. Here in Canada these guys are like U2. They always play sold out shows in huge arenas, while if you catch them in the states they usually play in smaller venues full of travelling Canadians.

They have been releasing music since 1987 and in 2005 they were inducted into the Canadian Music hall of fame. The Hip (as they are known) are overwhelming musicians and their sound will hit you like a brick wall. A beautiful brick wall that doesn’t actually hurt when you hit it, it instead makes you clench your fist, close your eyes and whisper “yes”.

Here are some awesome live tracks from their album Live Between Us. Enjoy!

[mp3] The Tragically Hip - Grace, Too
[mp3] The Tragically Hip - Fully Completely
[mp3] The Tragically Hip - Blow at High Dough

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*** Tune in tomorrow for our first Province Post: British Columbia!

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Anonymous said...

Whoh, where did this band come from? I have just listened to "grace too" around 6 or 7 times in a row, they are very intence.
I could use some sports wristbands.