Wednesday, March 08, 2006

50, 50, You're So Nifty

This is the 50th post on Awesome Until Proven Guilty. Clearly we've been keeping very busy, since it's actually only been a little over a month since we started this project. Anyway, we'll leave the real celebrating for when we hit 100. Y'all won't want to miss that one.

Today I'm posting some cool b-sides for your enjoyment. In spite of this being an mp3 blog, I'm still a big CD collector and I've always had a soft spot for singles. A lot of songs released on these things (as bonus tracks, if you will) tend to be quickly forgotten by the mainstream, but the truth is that there is some really great semi-rare music to be found. Certainly, some songs are relegated to the land of b-sides for good reason, but other times I've come across b-sides that are probably much better than the singles they support. See what you think of these.

[mp3] Tori Amos - Never Seen Blue (Jackie's Strength)
[mp3] Radiohead - Killer Cars (Fake Plastic Trees)
[mp3] The Cure - It Used To Be Me (The 13th)
[mp3] Postal Service - Be Still My Heart (We Will Become Silhouettes)

* Buy We Will Become Silhouettes
* Buy Jackie's Strength


Anonymous said...

I remember special ordering the single for 'the 13th.' After listening to it I was really hoping that 'It Used to be me' was more indicative of the album to follow. Unfortunately 'Wild Mood Swings' was pretty hit and miss. It did result in another great Cure b-side though, 'A Pink Dream.'

The Trick said...

Ah yes, Pink Dream was great too. Both should have been on the album instead of some of the other songs they chose.

Jupiter said...

Nice B sides, love "Never Seen Blue" Thanks :-)