Saturday, March 11, 2006

Canada: The 10 Provinces

Ever since Sufjan Stevens came along with his idea about a 50 States project (one album for every state), the blogosphere has been abuzz with 50-states-this, 50-states-that. Most remarkable has been the attempt by Trees Lounge blog to create a post of music for every state. Meanwhile, Travis and I sat around scratching our heads and wondering, "What? Don't any Canadians have anything to say about this?" We scoured the blogs and could not find anyone out there celebrating our equally vast, beautiful country and its 10 provinces. Always happy to fill a void, we're taking on that challenge starting today.

In doing so, we will not only expose you to music from and about our 10 provinces, but also try to educate you on some interesting bits of trivia (probably all made up lies) that you maybe didn't know before. We will have essays, music, photos, links, the works! Best of all, when we're not posting about the 10 provinces, we'll be posting about our favourite Canadian bands. But I digress... I present to you, Canada and the 10 provinces:

British Columbia
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island

The observant among you will notice that we did not list the three territories of Yukon, North-West Territories, and Nunavut. That is because they are not technically provinces, and also do not have nearly as many songs written about them. It is an unfortunate omission, but maybe if we're feeling ambitious down the road we will come back to them.

We will kick off with our first province within the next day or two, so be sure to check back. In the meantime, here are some general Canada tracks to prepare you for the journey.

[mp3] Broken Social Scene - Canada vs. America
[mp3] Spirit of the West - Far Too Canadian
[mp3] Innocence Mission - Lakes of Canada
[mp3] Dar Williams - O Canada Girls
[mp3] Cloud Cult - Moving To Canada
[mp3] Chixdiggit - Let's Go To Canada
[mp3] Stompin' Tom Connors - C A N A D A (Cross Canada)
[mp3] Cast of South Park - Blame Canada
[mp3] Hockey Night in Canada (TV Theme)
[mp3] Gwar - Oh Canada
[mp3] William Shatner - I Am Canadian

* See what Wikipedia has to say about Canada


Perfect Attendance 87-89 said...

I bet this post has the best chance of receiving your first hate comment!

You know something along the lines of: "The NWT and/or Yukon and/or Nunavut has a ton of songs written about it, way more than New Brunswick!"

In fact it would not surprise me if any of those are true.

The Trick said...

Actually, we thought PEI would be the biggest challenge. We'll see,,,

gigantor said...

Is that why you're going west to east?
Yeah, PEI is gonna be a bitch.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Bring on The Hansen Brothers!

The Trick said...

We never said we were going west to east. Maybe we'll go all crazy on you!

-M said...

don't forget the beautiful song by Low - "Canada" ... and of course the classic Dayglo Abortions tune... proud to be canadian.

"i'm proud to be a canadian pass me another beer..."


Casey Dorrell said...

Hey, 2/3 of Mocking Music lives in P.E.I. . . . I'll try to think of some good artists for you. I do have the most amazing/awful rap song about PEI that was sadly up for an ECMA this year (via an ECMA judge).

The only artist I can think of off hand that's worth anything is Nathan Wiley.

Casey Dorrell said...

Windom Earle (Catholic Gaydar connection via Matt) is from P.E.I. too... but yeah, not much here. :(

The Trick said...

Thanks Casey. I have two or three songs so far although they're all pretty far outside of the mainstream.

waterandblade said...

A pretty amazing song for some representation of northern Canada is "Keewatin Arctic." It's one of the Record of the Week Club track, and includes John K Samson