Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Constant Lovers Club

Whoa! I thought for sure Travis would have some post ideas today. Where are you, dude?

Another quick PRA (Public Rock Announcement) then. On March 24, Magneta Lane are coming back through Fredericton's Bugaboo Creek together with Tokyo Police Club. Magneta Lane was last here with Controller.Controller a few months ago and played to a packed house. I know Broken Plates has made the blog rounds a few times already, but that's okay.

I really don't know anything at all about Tokyo Police Club, but I like the two or three songs I've heard so far quite a lot. Should be a good show. They'll be with Magneta Lane for several other shows on the tour as well, so check out the full list on Magneta Lane's myspace page.

[mp3] Magneta Lane - Broken Plates
[mp3] Tokyo Police Club - Nature of the Experiment

* More show info here
* Visit the bands' label, Paperbag Records

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