Friday, March 10, 2006

Dance Night: Special Blur Edition

Today, because of reasons totally under our control, we have moved our dance party Saturdays to Friday. Tune in tomorrow to see why…

Blur emerged in the mid-'90s as the most popular band in the U.K, enforcing a kind of psychedelic guitar pop started by bands like the Stone Roses, the Kinks and the Who. They were categorized immediately as a brit-pop band and they nearly vanished when that faze passed on. Luckily, through some low-fi reinvention blur re-established themselves as an art-pop band in ’97 with their self-titled release and their hit single Song 2 which was used in all kinds of beer commercials. Since then have fallen into a North American rut having only minor success with their last release, think tank, in 2003. Blur’s Damon Albarn is also the frontman for Gorillaz, a band he formed with Del (tha funkee homosapien), The Automator (Dan Nakamura) and Miho Hatori (from Cibo Matto).

Blur hold a fair bit of responsibility for my bootie-shaking ways. Here are some awesome tunes. Enjoy!

[mp3] Blur - Girls and Boys
[mp3] Blur - Crazy Beat
[mp3] Blur - Music is my Radar (Long Version)

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Anonymous said...

Ahh, I Love these old Blur tunes, i wish Damon Albarn had just stuck with Blur. They dance rock!

Anonymous said...

I love these tunes too! was there ever another version of Music is my Radar?

travisthered said...

yes, Music is my radar was first released as a single/EP months before their greatest hits was released. The original version is about two minutes shorter and doesn't have the annoying screetching part at the end. I feel that the screetching is worth the extra two minutes.

Anonymous said...

there is a really good PSB remix of Girls and Boys you should check out too.