Sunday, March 05, 2006

Everything Is catching up with me

I always seems like we Canadians (or Americans) lose out when it comes to special release albums. We will get the original release and then the UK will get a similar release but with bonus tracks. Come on, share the love, I want the bonus tracks too.

I have managed to track down the UK release of Nine Inch NailsWith Teeth and it has a couple of sweet extras.

The first is Right where it belongs V.2. He redoes the original CD’s closing track, removes the applause and the early distortion on his voice. The first couple of times I heard this version I really didn’t enjoy it because the original was one of my favorite tracks from With Teeth. I enjoyed the way the original grew and blossomed. After listening to it more, i have realized that it is now easier to appreciate the beauty and sadness in his lyrics and vocals.

Then a new song, Home. I think this is about his struggle relocating to LA, from his home in New Orleans. He loved his old home but he was also recovering from a cocaine addiction and he needed to relocate from the place he loved to break from his old habits. The line “and I am still inside you” is a reference to the line "If you say come inside I'll come inside." from Sanctified, a song about his addition from his first release Pretty Hate Machine. Enjoy!

[mp3] Nine Inch Nails - Right where it belongs V.2
[mp3] Nine Inch Nails - Home

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