Friday, March 03, 2006

It's Friday, and yes, I am in love

It's incredible how much you begin to value weekends when you start working a regular 9-5 job on weekdays. It's Friday people, and yes, I am in love.

To celebrate, I'm posting one of the perhaps more popular songs by one of my favourite bands: The Cure. Magazines and other media these days love to talk about how the band was so central to the goth movement, how Robert Smith has a monopoly on sadness, yadda yadda... But you know, he also wrote some damn catchy pop songs. Sure, I like Pornography (the album) as much as the next guy (for real, the album), but I have just as much love for the band's lighter side, which I think is captured quite well on Friday I'm In Love.

Finally, some early Radiohead demos under the name On A Friday (the band's original name) hit the interworld-wide-net-dot-com and as it turns out, Thom Yorke wasn't always a paranoid android either. If you're a Radiohead fan and haven't heard this, you won't believe your ears. They sound kind of like they did during the Pablo Honey-era, but hopped up on pixie sticks and sunshine.

[mp3] The Cure - Friday I'm In Love
[mp3] On A Friday - Happy Song (early Radiohead demo)

* Buy Wish by The Cure

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Sean said...

I straight up LOVE the Cure. Thanks for the rad southpark pic!