Sunday, March 05, 2006

It's Oscar Night!

I was going to do a longer post today, but you know what? I'm busy. Actually, Travis just came over with some sake and we're watching the Oscars.

Jon Stewart is doing very well so far, if I may say so. It seems he's already managed to piss off most of the audience just with his opening monologue. For example, when he suggested that Walk the Line was just a remake of Ray with white people. I laughed, even if Joaquin Phoenix didn't look very impressed. Way to go Jon!

To mark the evening, here are some classic Cash tunes, including the obvious I Walk the Line. As for Sunday Morning Coming Down? Well, that's just an awesome song. If you're not familiar with it, make sure you listen to the lyrics as they're quite brilliant and Johnny really sings them like he's lived them.

[mp3] Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line
[mp3] Johnny Cash - Sunday Morning Coming Down

* Buy Johnny Cash stuff. It's awesome.


gigantor said...

yeah, Jon Stewart is doing awesome! we went to the red carpet today and saw will ferrell, ben Stiller and jessica Alba. I probably saw more but, if i did, I didn't recognize them. It was a very strange atmosphere- When limos would drive by and roll up their windows everyone would boo but if people drove by and waved, people would cheer and wave back even if no one recognized them.

CubikArubik said...

Hope you enjoyed the Oscars (and the sake!).

Sunday Morning Coming Down was written by Kris Kristoferson so make sure you check out his version of it.
I actullay think he does a much better take that Johnny did.



CubikArubik said...

The Trick said...

I think we were unconvinced by the sake (although it was much better after we warmed it) and we kind of got tired of waiting through awards to hear Jon Stewart, but nevertheless it was a great night. I was aware of Kris Kristoferson's version, but I've only ever heard a live version by him. I'll have to track down the original.