Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The kind u find

So, I was talking to this guy I work with about blogging and he suggested I write a post about berries, so, what the hell. Really, berries are quite awesome. I think my favorite is raspberry, and in a pie, blueberry. Yes, I realize this post is quite ridiculous, so here are some cool tunes. Enjoy!

[mp3] Prince - Raspberry Beret
[mp3] Xiu Xiu - Yellow Raspberry
[mp3] The Cranberries - Zombie
[mp3] Strawberry Alarmclock - Incence and Peppermints

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supergurg said...

brilliant theme guys!

you might also want to include:

*The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever
*Ben Harper - Strawberry Fields Forever (cover - from I Am Sam soundtrack)
*Nikki Webster - Strawberry Kisses (listen at your own peril! eek!)

Gurg @ Marvellous Musical Melodies

Mike said...

Haha! Awesome work Travis!

travisthered said...

thanks guys. I considered some Strawberry Fields Forever but I have never heard the ben harper version. I have never heard of Nikki Webster (eek?)

timgoral said...

ummm... what about Chuck Berry?

supergurg said...

i dare you to Google "Nikki Webster" :P hehe

Australia wants to deport her, we can stand her!