Tuesday, March 28, 2006

the monkey tom-tom

Just like everyone else, I went to see this three hour remake of King Kong way back in December when it first came out in theatres. It is being released today on DVD and for those of you who are feature junkies, the two disc special edition is coming with a special introduction by Peter Jackson, post-production diaries, a special on Kong's New York in 1933 and a natural history of Skull Island.

Peter Jackson really took this movie and made it larger than life. A lot of it was a little ridiculous (the brontosaurus chase down the cavern), but it was still a lot of fun to watch. For anyone who possibly doesn’t know what this movie is about… no you know what, I’m not even going to, that would just be a waste of my time. Everybody knows what this movie is about. If you don't, that is amazing and I won't ruin the experience for you. It is a classic. Enjoy the Tunes!

[mp3] ABBA - King Kong Song
[mp3] Nirvana - Very Ape (solo acoustic version)
[mp3] Jimmy Ray - Are You Jimmy Ray? (are you Fay Wray?)
[mp3] Tenacious D - Rock your Socks

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'Twas beauty that killed the beast.

Ha, Jimmy Ray... I intend to blare that loudly while dropping my kids off at school one day. Good times.