Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My Generation vs. I Hate My Generation

All the good post ideas, eh? Let’s see if I can mess that up…

My Generation vs. I Hate My Generation

The Who’s “My Generation” is, in my opinion, one of the definitive punk songs of the sixties. It appeared on their debut album of the same name in 1965 and has been covered by many over the years -- even Danny Tanner. The song is about hating “the man” and how old people just don't get it. Of course it has the famous “stuttering,” which was cleverly used to hide allusion to swearing.

"Why don't you all fu.. fu.. fade away!"

Everyone knows this song, everyone loves this song. It is just so frikkin' cool. I am going to post a live cover Oasis released on their UK single for Little By Little/She Is Love.

Sloan’s “I Hate My Generation” is not referring to The Who song at all. It is on their 1994 release, Twice Removed, which a 2005 poll in Chart magazine named the best Canadian album of all time. “I Hate My Generation” was one of the few songs Sloan has released that is written by Jay Ferguson. I don’t think it is so much about hating our generation, but rather romanticizing other generations because we watch too much television.

“If I was born in the 40s, I'd be a teen in the 50s.”

I definitely agree with the message of this song, as I frequently find myself thinking how great it would be if I was a teen in the 50s or 60s or 70s, or even the 80s. But really, I am sure that everyone who grew up in those times wished they hadn’t.

[mp3] Oasis - My Generation
[mp3] Sloan - I Hate My Generation

* Buy My Generation
* Buy Little By Little/She Is Love
* Buy Twice Removed


Perfect Attendance 87-89 said...
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The Trick said...

Jay Ferguson definitely wrote some of Sloan's best songs. Just listen to Take Good Care Of The Poor Boy and False Alarm.

Markle said...

Have you ever heard Todd Snider's "My Generation (Part Two)"? It's a hoot...