Thursday, March 30, 2006

Oh, the memories

Transformers were on the air for four seasons with a movie being released between season two and three. Basically, the story goes that Cybertron was running low on energy resources so the Autobots had to leave in search of new resources. They are attacked by the Decepticons and they all crash on Earth and remain in suspended animation for the next four million years. Volcanic eruption wakes them up -- cue battle.

This was the basis of the first generation of Transformers and as far as I know that is all that ever happened. Ever.
Speed Racer was the first truly successful anime franchise in the US and apparently there has been a new Speed Racer movie in the works for a few years. I guess it will be like The Fast and the Furious... but with a chimp! Ooh, just joking. I heard that, but gosh, I hope not. That is lame.

The show started in Japan as Mach Go Go Go. In Japan, the M on his helmet and on the hood of his car stand for his last name, Mifune, not for “Mach 5” like in the American series. Go, his given name, is a Japanese homonym for the number five (the number on his racing car). It's represented by the letter G that is embroidered on his shirt.

[mp3] Tony Bacala - Let's Roll (Old Skool Remix)
[mp3] Alpha Team - Speed Racer (Hardcore Remix) (Seriously hardcore, in a very romantic way)

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Steph said...

When was Transformers on the air? Because I seriously don't remember that show at all. I just always hear other people talking about it.

You guys should do a post about other old cartoons, like My Little Pony and Rainbow Bright! Now they were awesome shows!

The Trick said...

That can probably be arranged. Let's see...

EvilBiscuit said...

mmm... gonna have to watch Transformers: The Movie this weekend. That's one fine piece of film! Action! Drama! Comedy! Dancing motorcycles! Ya-Hoo!