Friday, March 31, 2006

One in ten hundred thousand million

Somehow I'm very surprised that more hasn't been written in the blogs about The Octopus Project aside from a few brief mentions. I caught the band last April in Montreal when they were touring with ...Trail of Dead and I have to admit their performance made me feel just a little giddy inside.

The Texas group's most recent album, One Ten Hundred Thousand Million, is a collection of instrumental electronic rock tunes unlike anything I've ever really heard. For one, the band never resorts to the self-serving indulgences that plague so many other albums of this type. All but two of the songs clock in under four minutes. In that short time, they deliver a barrage of sweet sounds, beats, and melodies that is guaranteed to leave you wanting more. And yet these are not quick and dirty pop songs either. There is plenty of sophistication and complexity here if you want to look at this as an experimental record.

This year, the band were added to the lineup at Coachella after fans nominated the band in a MySpace contest. How awesome is that? I hope they rock the pants off the festival-goers.

[mp3] The Octopus Project - Exit Counselor
[mp3] The Octopus Project - Malaria Codes

* Buy One Ten Hundred Thousand Million from Peek-A-Boo Records


Steph said...

Hmmmm...they were really interesting. I liked it, which is surprising because I like to sing and there were no words. They kind of reminded me of music you might hear in a Death Cab song...maybe I'm crazy.

Anonymous said...

very hit and miss, best stuff being music is happiness and the ajustor. avoid Up down. grim.