Thursday, March 09, 2006

Only there so that you're not alone

To follow up Trick’s B-side post, I thought I would post some old Bright Eyes today. As always, Conor Oberst has a talent for combining haunting music with insightful lyrics. His songs are usually manic, depressing and honest, but for some reason I still love to listen to him.

A Perfect Sonnet was released on the Every day and Night EP. Soon you will be leaving your man is from Motion Sickness (The 7” release by the label Blood of the young, not the live 2005 release by Saddle-creek). I’ve been eating (for you) is from the Drunk Kid Catholic EP. It’s cool, we can still be friends is from Tea at the Palaz of Hoon, a Compilation CD Saddle-creek released in 1999. Black Comedy is from a split album Bright Eyes released with Neva Dinova called One jug of Wine, two vessels. Enjoy!

[mp3] Bright Eyes - A Perfect Sonnet
[mp3] Bright Eyes - Soon you will be leaving your man
[mp3] Bright Eyes - I’ve been eating (for you)
[mp3] Bright Eyes - It’s cool, we can still be friends
[mp3] Bright Eyes - Black Comedy

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