Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Yes sorry everyone for my temporary absenteeism, I had a coffee emergency to attend to. I figure I had better post one bitchin post today to make up for it.

I realize the Raconteurs have already been all over our wonderful blogosphere, but as anyone can attest who has been with our blog from the beginning (ha), I am a really big fan of Detroit rock. I don’t think I could forgive myself for not dedicating a post to this beautiful mergence of three awesome bands.The Raconteurs are Jack Lawrence on bass, Patrick Keeler on drums and Jack White and Brendan Benson share duties on guitar, keys and vocals.

Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler are from the Greenhornes, which in my opinion is all about Patrick Keeler. It is not often that you have a band be the drummer’s band, and it is obvious when you see them play, that they are. Patrick plays on a raised platform between his Jack Lawrence and his guitar/vocals guy Craig Fox, instead of the traditional hiding-behind-the-band setup. Don’t mistake it for arrogance, he brings on the unconventional and inventive time keeping his band on their feet at all times. Awesome.

Do I really need to introduce Mr. Jack White? I have already posted about him and I will probably post about him again soon, when I discover another one of his aurally euphoric nuggets.

Brendan Benson waited three years to follow up 2002’s Lapalco, an album that was loved by both DJs and critics. The Alternative to Love has a wonderful assortment of both powerful guitar chugging and haunting piano. It is quite a bit brighter that Lapalco, but not as bright as Mississippi. Does that make sense?

Anyways, here are some great tunes. The Greenhornes song is from their newest release Sewed Souls. It was first released on their East Grand Blues EP, I just can’t find a copy of that. The White Stripes tune is a live B-side from the Walking with a Ghost EP. The Brendan Benson tune is the first track from his new CD. Of Course, The Raconteurs Song is from their EP and it is their first single. Enjoy!

[mp3] The Greenhornes - Pattern Skies
[mp3] The White Stripes - Screwdriver (with Passive Manipulation)
[mp3] Brendan Benson - Spit it out
[mp3] The Raconteurs - Steady as she goes

* Buy Sewed Souls
* Buy The Alternative to Love
* Buy The White Stripes Stuff it is VERY awesome

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Paulette McMahan said...

i whole heartedly agree, their music rocks!