Friday, March 10, 2006

Request for A/V Department: Books On Tape

Fredericton is actually getting another electronic show tonight, which is pretty rare in these parts. I imagine our posse will be making the trip down to The Capital to check it out.

The line-up, as I've seen it, includes A/V, Mark Black Speaks, Windom Earle, and the crazy, glitchy electronica of Books On Tape. It's eclectic, but it also makes sense in a weird way. Listen to some of these tunes and you'll see it's a pretty sweet line-up, actually. I really like this Windom Earle song, although I admit I'm not sure how representative it is of their music.

[mp3] Books On Tape - Siberian Soundsystem
[mp3] A/V - Ask Your Wife
[mp3] Windom Earle - You Can't Dance To Dreams

* Visit these bands online: Books On Tape, A/V, Windom Earle, Mark Black Speaks


gigantor said...

Wicked. "Ask Your Wife" is an awesome song! To the Capital I go...

Anonymous said...

Awesome, these AV guys are good i got an earlier song from you guys too, where are they from?

The Trick said...

Right here in New Brunswick, actually. That's on the Canadian East Coast, if you're not familiar with it. He used to be based out of Halifax in Nova Scotia.

Anonymous said...

I saw books on tape a couple of days ago here in Hali at Gus' Pub. He did a great job, even better than his recordings. i recomend people to go see his shows.