Thursday, March 09, 2006

Stop Crying And Fight Your Father

First, I want to suggest to everyone that you check back on the weekend for a very special post here on Awesome Until Proven Guilty. Travis and I have tricks up our sleeves! Nasty tricks! Actually, no they're not nasty at all. Quite pleasant, in fact.

In the meantime, I want to drop a few quick words about a band from Montreal that I was very shocked to hear split up recently. The Frenetics played some of the best shows I had ever seen here in Fredericton -- the kind where everybody who came out was there to have a good time and the entire room just filled with positive vibes. Not only that, but the band always managed to deliver on the crowd's high expectations. I'm finding the band hard to classify, but it's definitely rooted somewhere in old-school punk akin to The Clash. It might just be singer/guitarist Malcolm Bauld's voice that makes me say that though. Either way, it's very expressive, intelligent, and thoughtful rock.

On the bright side, the band's split has left Bauld open to exploring some of his own material. We caught him here on the East Coast over the winter and he came prepared with a 5-track demo of new songs that were fantastically solid. His own songs are clearly not as rock-oriented as The Frenetics, but his powerful voice and effortless guitar-playing come through stronger than ever. I just hope we eventually get to hear a full-fledged album. If you download nothing else here, make sure you get Flying Blind, the closest thing to a true modern folk anthem that I've heard in ages. The song bursts out of the gates after a quiet acoustic intro with the line, "I know you're probably too fucked up to hear this," but forges ahead with confidence, regardless who's listening. Again, these songs are highly recommended for fans of The Clash, Bruce Springsteen, or Elvis Costello.

[mp3] Malcolm Bauld - Flying Blind
[mp3] Malcolm Bauld - Goodnight Amarillo
[mp3] The Frenetics - Something To Risk
[mp3] The Frenetics - Journalist

* Visit Malcolm Bauld online
* Buy Frenetics stuff from the Union Label Group

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