Monday, March 27, 2006

time is right for a palace revolution

Last weekend we went and saw V for Vendetta, but we were in the middle of our 10 provinces posts, so I am going to post about it now. I really enjoyed this movie, which is not something I can say about too many films that have came out in the last few years. It really leaves you with that sense of “Wow” at the end, which a lot of today’s movies are lacking.

So basically there are two main characters. V is the creepy guy with the mask. He is well read, flamboyant, intellectual, a man dedicated to freeing his fellow citizens from those who have terrorized them into compliance. He is also bitter, revenge-seeking, lonely and violent, driven by a personal vendetta. Long term goal: Take down the government.

V is played by Hugo Weaving. He is the guy who played Agent Smith in the Matrix Trilogy and Elrond in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He saves Evey, played by the incredibly hot Natalie Portman. Evey uncovers V’s past and becomes his unlikely ally in his quest for revolution! It was easy to sympathize with V, even though his methods are just as extreme as the government he wishes to topple. One could argue that his treatment of Evey was pure manipulation, which is exactly what he accuses their government of as well.

All-in-all, it is worth seeing and worth paying for. Here are some tracks from the film. Enjoy!

[mp3] Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture
[mp3] Rolling Stones - Street Fighting Man
[mp3] Rage Against The Machine - Street Fighting Man

* Check out V for Vendetta on Rotten Tomatoes


supergurg said...

cant wait to see this film!

didnt know Hugo was in it - interesting :D


Anonymous said...

C for Crappy-etta.

Reasons why I had to cover my laughter with "coughing" while watching this movie:

1. "I have 864 songs in my jukebox and I've listened to them all...but I've never danced to any..." (V to Evey)
2. V apparently cooks eggs and does the dishes while never taking off his mask.
3. Evey and V kiss...with the mask still on. (oh, please)
4. So, V tortures Evey to teach her a life lesson? She faces death and doesn't rat out the bastard that she realizes later is torturing her...and she still loves him. She seems like a very naive/stupid person.
5. V states that he sends out a mask to everyone in the city but what about the matching black cloaks...and matching black top hats...I don't know about that!

Of course, all of this is just my opinion!
love your blog!!
Your friend, melodie

Anonymous said...

It was like watching a movie starring the Burger King King... as voiced by the Phantom of the Opera... co-starring Sinead O'Conner...

Ekko said...

i thought they blew it with that movie. there was just too much speechifying. too much telling not showing. there should have been more action. and a little passion.

plus, it's hard to have sympathy for a terrorist, and that's what V was. if they want us to care about him, they needed to give us more of him. not keep him so hidden.