Thursday, March 02, 2006

Wake up Mr. Stevens

Well Mr. Stevens certainly has been getting a lot of good press with his new album topping all sorts of year end lists. I found that indeed this CD was great concept album with its infinite number of tracks, ever pretentiously named. It really did have some good tracks on it. However, his prevous album, Seven Swans was IMHO a much better album. Sufjan wrote all of these songs about a subject that is very dear to him and you can really tell in his songwriting and in his voice. I just don’t think a CD about the state of Illinois is that interesting. A CD about a man's journey growing up in a Christian household and his personal journey to find Christ? Very interesting.

These are two of my personal favorites from Seven Swans. They are not the most religious of all the tracks, but if you are looking for more, I found another good post/review on clevertitlesaresolastsummer. Enjoy!

Sufjan Stevens - The dress looks nice on you
[mp3] Sufjan Stevens - A good man is hard to find

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