Wednesday, April 12, 2006

And the winner is...

Boyhowdy, come on down!!!! For his hilarious entry, Boyhowdy will win an Awesome Until Proven Guilty care package, including a pair of mix CDs made personally by Travis and The Trick. What else is going to be in the package? We may let you know later, but for now, let's just say it's going to be a bunch of awesome crazy stuff!

Like I said before, it was hard to choose just one winner because we received a bunch of equally awesome entries. On that note, we've also chosen to give honourable mention prizes to Mary and EvilBiscuit for their efforts. But I digress... The winning entries:

The Internet Is Such a Distraction
(or: Turns Out Gwenyth Paltrow Is Awesome)
by Boyhowdy

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art taller. Or sweaty. Or more awesome, and more temperate
Whatever that means.

Man, that Shakespeare was awesome, was't he?
So awesome that he got to sleep with that hot girl
In that chick movie.

Of course, back in Shakespeare's time
When you said something was awesome
You meant it was all inspiring and shit.

But still. I mean, fuck, you know?
Plus, now that movie thing is going to bother me all night.
Good thing there's the IMDB.

Oh yeah. Gwyneth Paltrow.
Didn't she name her daughter, like, Fruit or something?
Oh, and she's married to the Coldplay guy.


The Mars Volta
by Mary

I do not like The Mars Volta
I do not like them, John Travolta

I do not like them with a cola
I do not like them with ebola

I do not like them in the car
I do not like them in a bar

I do not like them in magazines
I would not like them if they covered Ween

I do not like them on T.V.
I will not like them eventually

I do not like The Mars Volta
I do not like them, John Travolta

by EvilBiscuit

Awesomeness: a delectable word
used to describe the music I've heard.
Posted from bands from St. John's to Sydney
a gaggle of tunes set to rattle your kidneys.
Once or twice, sometimes three times a day,
Travis and Trick have made their word-play.
Describing to us in terms not-obscure
The typing and tension they've had to endure
in selecting said tracks, assessing their worth
deciding on which to the Web they will birth.

We've been witness to tracks from hardcore to country.
We've heard many styles both varied and sundry.
And why do they send us cacophonous tunes?
This right wicked pair of Benny and Joon?
Is it that they have little to do?
And started the blog just out of the blue?
Friggin' McCool, Shaz-tastic or funky,
This line is going to seem somewhat clunky.
And just when you think that their flower's gone wilty,
Remember they're Awesome, Until Proven Guilty.

[mp3] Queen - We Are The Champions

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boyhowdy said...

Yay! Thanks for the cred, boys!

Looking forward to a mix spun by two of my fave virtual music meisters!