Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Blog Roundup

Here are a couple of quick things that I found to be of interest:
  • I Am Fuel You Are Friends has an interesting article about the history of the song known most commonly as "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." It's had a long, bizarre past, so you may find it informative. I remember actually seeing a full documentary about it a few years ago.
  • I've been digging some songs by this band called Office. You can read about them at I Guess I'm Floating. Likewise, there's a bit of info about The Sounds at Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good. They've also been in fairly high rotation for me this last while.
  • Two cool ready-to-go mixes can be found at A Plague of Angels and Good Weather For Airstrikes.
  • Meanwhile, Scatter o' Light has a feature about Roy Orbison/U2 and the origins of the great song "She's A Mystery To Me."

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