Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dance Punks Unite

It's time for another PRA (Public Rock Announcement). If you're here in Fredericton, The Smear Campaign plays tonight at Bugaboo with The New Cities and A/V. I have to admit I haven't even had a chance to check out The Smear Campaign or The New Cities yet, but if A/V's on the bill, I guess I'm willing to endorse it. These songs are from their MySpace sites, so I'm gonna hope they're somewhat representative. I hear both bands are from the dance-punk camp, so if that's your scene, you know where you want to be tonight.

[mp3] Smear Campaign - A Forward Foreword
[mp3] The New Cities - Seashells
[mp3] A/V - Explode Upon Impact

* Visit The Smear Campaign, The New Cities, and A/V online
* Local show info: Nick of Time Music


EvilBiscuit said...

Not dance, but Elliot Brood is playing at the Cellar. Am i rite?

The Trick said...

Yes, that's tonight as well. I guess there's actually a fair bit going on for a Tuesday night.