Thursday, April 27, 2006

Every day should be a holiday

I think it's my turn to bitch about work for a while. Where to begin... For one thing, it totally sucks. Sucks in terms of its existence and sucks in terms of, "where the hell did my time go?"

It's not even that I really dislike my job; it's pleasant enough. But I hate that feeling you get every now and again when you hear a whisper in your ear: "I don't have a job. My job has me." A big project or deadline comes up and suddenly it consumes you and your time. That's good and dandy if you feel like you're actually accomplishing something, but I don't. Not yet, anyway.

And on that note, I'm back to the grindstone. I need a vacation. I will have a vacation. It's only a matter of time, but until then...

[mp3] Emm Gryner - 89 Days of Alcatraz
[mp3] At The Drive-In - Paid Vacation Time
[mp3] Cold War Kids - We Used To Vacation

* Buy Emm Gryner - The Original Leap Year
* Buy At The Drive-In - Acrobatic Tenement
* Buy Cold War Kids - Up in Rags EP

1 comment:

Dinah said...

That sucks. I know the feeling of banging your head against a wall, wondering why you're doing stuff...I hope your vacation comes soon.