Monday, April 03, 2006

Juno wrap-up

Last night, Canada's Juno awards were given out in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The awards were established to recognize Canadian talent, which is why a number of people were miffed about the top-billing of non-Canadians Coldplay and Black Eyed Peas at the awards. I don't really see why it's a big deal, since these were definitely rare exceptions to the rule. All around, there was plenty of Canadian content.

Nevertheless, it was a pretty weird event. Pamela Anderson hosting? Mmm'kay... Although she was barely even on stage during the night. Buck 65 somehow ended up in the position of announcer. Again, that's pretty weird. Then we had the two controversial international acts conveniently tie for best international album. Also, Chris Martin managed to fumble almost every single line he had to read from his teleprompter when he introduced Bryan Adams. That was actually really funny though, so I'm kind of glad he messed up.

I guess the big story of the night was crooner Michael Buble, who took home four awards. Every time we tuned in, the guy seemed to be on stage to either accept another award or to perform (he sang his big ballad single, "Home"). Although none of us were huge fans, we were happy to cheer on Buble as long as he kept beating Nickelback in their categories. Go Michael!

Some of the more interesting categories:

Best alternative album: Broken Social Scene, Self-titled
Best rock album: Nickelback, All the Right Reasons
Best rap recording: K'naan, The Dusty Foot Philosopher
Best adult alternative album: Neil Young, Prairie Wind
Best songwriters: Arcade Fire
Best group: Nickelback
Best new group: Bedouin Soundclash
Best new artist: Daniel Powter
Best video: Buck 65, Devil's Eyes (Micah Meisner)
Hall of fame: Bryan Adams
Best international album: tie between Coldplay and Black Eyed Peas (wtf?)
Fan choice award: Simple Plan

[mp3] Broken Social Scene - Superconnected
[mp3] Neil Young - No Wonder
[mp3] Arcade Fire - Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out)

* Read more about the Junos here.
* Buy music by Broken Social Scene, Neil Young, Arcade Fire


Steph said...

Okay, it's weird that there was a tie for an award. But what I'm really in disbelief of is the fact that Coldplay and the Black Eyed Peas, in particular, tied. I consider Coldplay to be one of the best bands of today. They are fantastic musicians who put out amazing work each and every time. And then we've got the Black Eyed Peas, who put out catchy tunes that contain content that would induce vomiting in geriatrics. Not to mention the fact that they're, at the least, borderline demeaning to women and politically incorrect to the point of insult (Let's Get Retarded).

I guess what I'm saying is that it's hard to take the Junos seriously as a prestigious award show when they somehow find "My Humps" to be up to par with the skills of one of the world's most talented bands. And to top it all off, they've got Pam Anderson hosting!

And that is my rant for today.

Other than that, I thought the show seemed pretty disorganised. I have to give props to Michael Bublé, Coldplay and Bryan Adams though, who seemed to make the show, even in the slightest, worth watching. Oh yeah! And I thought Chris Martin was really funny. And now I'm done.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Broken Social Scene made a fan of me. Pamela Anderson was the best host of the Junos ever. She gets my seal of approval! I liked the way everybody seemed to be about ready to tip over dead drunk every time they got near a mike. Did I mention Pamela?

rgsc said...

I think part of the issue of having big international bands at the junos is that it is felt that CTV or whomever feels they need these big non-Canuck names to legitimize the event (this was K'Naan's point of view). I think it is fine to have them there as long as we remember what the junos are really doing (as you point out, this was done - they were the exceptions).

Heh - you mention that both acts that performed tied for the award. this is strange but you might have also noted that pretty much everyone who performed got an award - BSS, Bedouin Soundclash, BlackEyedPeas, Coldplay, Nickledorks, M. Buble. THAT i find interesting. I am not up on my recent juno history - does an invite to a nominated band = something to take home to put on the mantle? If so, next year i am totally going to the bookies. (me: "$50 on Hedley" as a small part of me dies).

As a total side note, along with what the above commenter noted, i loved how Kevin Drew brought his beer to the mic and is is just me or was Martha Wainright absolutely sloshed?

rgsc said...

i just realized that the legitimization point was actually made by Kardinal Offishall, not K'nann. not terribly important i 'spose but i thought i would correct my error.