Saturday, April 01, 2006

The kids just wanna dance

Guess what, guys? We're a little late, but it's time once again for a smattering -- there I said it, smattering! -- of dance tunes. What, you don't feel like dancing? It's Saturday, what better could you really be doing?

Two other things:

1) The Union of Knives track is a repost, but it was in our early days and nobody visited us back then. Plus, it kicks six kinds of ass.

2) I should add that both the The Whip and Union of Knives were introduced to me by the very awesome Green Pea-ness. I can't stress enough how many fantastic songs have been posted on this blog, as well as some fantastic stories. I keep meaning to add them to our link list, so this will remind me to take care of that.

[mp3] The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize
[mp3] The Cure - Let's Go To Bed
[mp3] U2 - Staring at the Sun (Monster Truck Mix)
[mp3] The Whip - Frustration
[mp3] Union of Knives - Evil Has Never

* Buy music by The Chemical Brothers, The Cure, U2, The Whip, Union of Knives


c said...

indeed, union of knives = ass kicking. cool stuff. and i dig that staring at the sun remix. i always tend to skip over my remixes on itunes, but some of those 90s remixes from u2 really kick ass.

Taylor said...

c speaks the truth. that's one of my favorite 90's U2 mix. The coolest, though, has to be "Lady With The Spinning Head [Extended Dance Mix]".

The Trick said...

I actually considered using that one instead, Taylor. It's one of those rare remixes that I actually like a lot better than the original.