Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Last Romance

Arab Strap have always been a staple in the pissed-off, moody, lovesick musician category. Their new album, The Last Romance, is a total turnaround in the feel of the music. Aidan Moffat's lyrics are still mostly fixated on the same subjects, but now they are accompanied by fast, hooky music, sans drum machine.

Where their other albums sounded like “this world really sucks and I hate it,” this one is more like “this world shouldn’t be so sucky but it always is.” I personally like the new album a lot and I think this change makes it a lot more emotionally investing.

If you get the non-imported version of this album (assuming you're on the same continent as us), it comes with these two bonus tracks. Enjoy!

[mp3] Arab Strap - El Paso Song
[mp3] Arab Strap - Go Back to the Sea

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! Is there any way you could possibly upload these tracks again? I have been looking high and low for them and I'm happy to trade any other Arab Strap stuff, these are the only two songs I don't have. Thanks!