Friday, April 21, 2006

Oh Dani

I have read a couple of blog reviews of this new RHCP song and it got mostly bad reviews. I have to say, I’m not hearing what these reviewers are hearing. After it being on heavy rotation in my iTunes it is catching on to me and it is totally funky. Yes, I know they already did a California song, WHO CARES!

As some of my close friends know, I have a real problem with people who automatically dismiss a band because it is “mainstream.” If a band is still putting out some cool tunes I am going to give them a listen. This new Chili tune still beats the pants off anything I have heard from Tapes’n’tapes.

First, we've got one of their old songs from 22 years ago. This was a much different Chili Peppers. Also, here is the new single I was talking about, Dani California.

[mp3] Red Hot Chili Peppers - True men Dont Kill Coyotes
[mp3] Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California

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travisthered said...

Also if anyone is wondering the order of the bands in the video, i think it is this:
-The Beatles
-Prince and Cream
-Parliament Funkadelic and Gary Glitter (Flea)
-Iggy Pop(Anthony), David Bowie (Flea), John Bonham and Jimmy Page (Other Guys)
-Sex Pistols
-The Misfits
-Red Hot Chili Peppers as themselves

Sue said...

I totally agree with you about the stupid pretentious indie bastards, and yes tapes'n'tapes suck donkey balls.

Crc said...

I, on the other hands, completely and totally disagree with you. Tapes n' Tapes are some catchy goodness and were long before pitchfork blessed them. RHCP aren't as bad as most say they are and i defend them all the time to the haters. However - "This new Chili tune still beats the pants off anything I have heard from Tapes’n’tapes" - pretty much amounts to blasphemy.

Dinah said...

I've liked more RHCP songs than Tapes'n'Tapes songs.

The Trick said...

I'm not a huge fan of either band, but I definitely don't "get" Tapes 'n Tapes. There's something about them that everybody seems to love, but I don't hear it in their recordings.

The Trick said...

Actually, that was a lie. I like the RHCP quite a bit... I just haven't been listening to them so much the last while.

The Trick said...

Okay, so I just listened to the new RHCP track. It's kind of bland, but not terribly offensive either. I don't know. Not super-exciting anyway. The "Purple Haze" riff sounds a little out of place. The video is pretty fun though.

c said...

i am not a super RHCP fan and i do like tapes 'n tapes, but i definitely hate the BS about big bands vs. little bands. this song sort of bores me, though.

Kat said...

It's easy for an RHCP to love this song out of relief that the first single off the new record isnt as terrible and disappointing as By the Way was, hopefully a good sign for the rest of the album

asparagus said...

So i couldn't help but notice you are being somewhat of a hypoocrite for this band.
As you dismissed Tool's ways of having some similar riffs and sounds, you are protecting RHCP's right to do so.

"If a band is still putting out some cool tunes I am going to give them a listen."

exactly ;)

travisthered said...

To quote myself
about Tool - "There are still some good tracks on the album but just not up to par for what I was expecting, after all this hype."
about RHCP - "After it being on heavy rotation in my iTunes it is catching on to me and it is totally funky."

I don't think i am being a hypocrite I said i was bored with the old Tool sound becaus i listened the hell out of all the albums. I have never owned a RHCP album in my life and i think this song is catchy.

travisthered said...

Sorry Asparagus but i have more. I am also not Protecting their right to sound the same. If you re-read my post you will notice that i say that the RHCP are much different than 22 years ago.
As far as the "If a band is still putting out some cool tunes I am going to give them a listen." I do encourage people to listen to the new Tool album, Just not have their hopes up to high.

LoRezSky said...

it's a surprise that rhcp are back. we're probably witnessing the birth of the future stones.

Anonymous said...

Everyone's a critic I tell ya. As for the "didn't someone else do this video" or "didn't they already do a california song" Comments. A couple things that people need to keep in mind are:

1) The Chili Peppers are from California (primarily) so it is only natural they sing about what they know and where they are from.

2) You'll always have repetition in art. Just like Red Dragon and Silence of the lambs were remakes so will music and videos be occasionally be remade/reinvented. Personally I think both Morning wood's and this video are hilarious and seeing as I saw the video first, that's what makes the song for me.

Gotta correct a couple of things on the band listings tho:

-The Beatles
-Jimmy Hendrix & Cream (prince is the 80s folks he got the idea for wearing that kind of jacket from hendrix. Do a google image search for "jimmy hendrix" and it'll be the first one.)
-Parliament Funkadelic & Gary Glitter[flea] (probably some other 70s references there too)
- Alice Cooper [anthony] (cooper habitually did the top hat thing and used a patriotic theme for 'school's out for the summer')
David Bowie [flea], (I don't know who the hell the drummer is but it's not John Bonham, He had brown hair and a mustache not blonde hair and lipstick) Jimmy page
- Sex Pistols
- The Misfits
- Poison/motley crue/aerosmith (they mashed a few bands together here, lead singer is poison, they snaged steven Tyler's Hankerchief on the micstand, poison's lead singer & guitarist, vince neil is the other guitarist, and the drummer is either Joe Perry or Tommy Lee)
- Nirvana (and I think they were trying to insinuate that one of the other guys was the lead singer from pearl jam or tesla)
- 90s Red hot chili peppers in the Under the bridge days.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious....
-The Beatles
-Cream (phycedelic SG gives it away) Prince (with the mustache and stuffy little coat thing)
-Funkadelic and Gary Glitter
-Bowie (Flea) (Other guys?)
-Iggy Pop (and Sex Pistols)
-The Misfits
-Eddie Van Halen with Motley Crue?
-Red hot chili peppers

Lars said...

Just a little remark from Denmark.
California" is a person "made" by Anthony Keetis, and symbolizes all the women he has known... she's mentioned in (obviously) this song, "dani california" but also ind "By The Way": "By the way I tried to say
I'd be there... waiting for
Dani the girl
is singing songs to me
Beneath the marquee... of her soul"
and she's also, not mentioned, but song about in "Californiacation" ("...Marry me girl, be the fairy to my world
Be my very own constellation
A teenage bride with a baby inside...") as you've mentioned :)

and no, I'm not a huge RHCP fan. Just stumpled over the blog and thought I'd give a reason why california's a theme in more than one song - not only because they're californian ;)

Anonymous said...

This is what I saw in the "80's" part ofthe video: Poison, without a doubt, but I also saw David Lee Roth - think about him in the 80's - holding the mic between his legs, the bandana around his neck and on the mic and also singing in the mic with Eddie Van Halen with the camera shooting from the floor up at the two of them. For any of you that remember the "Jump" video, this is exactly what that shot reminded me of. I also saw Tommy Lee from Motley Crue in the shot where Chad from the Chili's was drumming and pointed the drumstick straight at you - that was a signature Tommy Lee move.

I also think there was some Jimi Hendrix mixed in with the Prince cameo.

I am surpirsed there is no reference to Bob Marley because Anthony's music is clearly influenced by him.

Just my opinion, but this is what I saw. Thanks for any replies!

Anonymous said...

lmao couldnt help but laugh at 'anonymous's spelling of jimi hendrix... pathetic i tell ya. Who gives a fuck about the who the bands in the video are.. its a wicked song. period.