Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The sound of cinammon girls

Phewf! I've been somewhat absent from the blog since the weekend, but I'm preparing a bad-ass post that's moderately related (i.e., not at all) to the new Tool song. I picked up a couple of new albums this weekend I should write about too, so that's also on tap. Meanwhile, allow me to fill you in on a couple of pleasant recent discoveries from around the blogs.

First, I think I love The Sounds a little more every day. Just when I think I'm getting over it and my friends are breathing a little easier, I find yet another new track that makes me feel bouncier than the last one. This time it's "Queen of Apology," courtesy of Grow Wings:

[mp3] The Sounds - Queen of Apology

I don't think I need to include the mp3s, but if you head over to Stereogum, they have a whole bunch of bands covering Neil Young's "Cinammon Girl." I was particularly pleased to hear such a clean recording of Radiohead's version. I've always just heard crappy bootlegs of it.

This Ghostland Observatory track has been growing on me a lot too. I first picked it up at the most excellent The Rich Girls Are Weeping, but several other blogs have caught on since then too. It sounds like a more funkified version of The Rapture. It has all the trappings of a spastic post-punk tune, but it's backed by unstoppable beats and some very catchy melodies. I don't think my girlfriend liked it much when I first played it for her, but its one of those songs that gets under your skin without you even realizing it.

[mp3] Ghostland Observatory - Piano Man

* Buy The Sounds, Dying To Say This To You
* Visit Ghostland Observatory online

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c said...

man, that ghostland vocal sounds exactly like the dude from the rapture. it is funked out, though. and i agree that radiohead cinammon girl track is great. i had never even heard a bootleg of it.