Tuesday, April 25, 2006

sugarless guitar

The Pillows formed in 1989 when Kenji Ueda (bass) and Shinichiro Sato (drums) of Kenzi & the Trips teamed up with Yoshiaki Manabe (guitar) of the hair metal band Persia and the frontman Sawao Yamanaka. Kenji is no longer with the band. He left in 1993 due to power struggles between him and Sawao. They don’t need no stinkin’ bass player anyways.

Over the years they have released 18 albums, including a greatest hits and a b-side compilation. I have also seen a tribute album out there. This band is huge over the Pacific. They are paid tribute to in such respects as American rock bands Weezer or the Pixies would be here.

Some of you who are into anime (I am not) might know them as the artists who did the soundtrack to FLCL. This brought them a small amount of success in the states and they decided to tour America. They played their first ever US show in March of 2005 in Austin, Texas. The band said they were surprised by the warm reception. I wouldn’t be. Those anime people seem like nice people.

Their newest album entitled My Foot was released on January 12, 2006. It has been well received all around the world. Enjoy!

[mp3] The Pillows - Fun Fun Fun Ok! (from Smile-2001)
[mp3] The Pillows - Robotman (from Thank you my Twilight-2002)
[mp3] The Pillows - The Third Eye (from My Foot-2006)

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Rog said...

This guys have a fun sound, they don't really speak english very well though...

travisthered said...

yeah, but his english is still way better than my Japanese.

LoRezSky said...

strange how these guys could be russian or brazilian or anything. language aside, there's nothing recognizably japanese about this. and i feel that somehow there should be ...