Sunday, April 02, 2006

Take this job...

Once again it is Sunday and I find myself just getting home from work (yes, I’m a heathen). Being someone who recently made the choice to work full time over going to university full time and working part time, I thought I would have much more spare time to do the things I want to do. Still, I find myself consumed with my job, spending the few hours I have off recovering.

Some days my job is not too bad, but it is never great. I mostly stay there because of the people I work with and it is in the general field of employment I am interested in.

This is quite a bitter post, so here are some bitter songs. Enjoy your Sunday off, tomorrow will bring another case of the Mondays.

[mp3] Johnny Paycheck - Take This Job And Shove It
[mp3] John Lennon - Working Class Hero
[mp3] Placebo - Slave to the Wage
[mp3] The International Noise Conspiracy - Abolish Work
[mp3] Loverboy - Everybody's working for the weekend

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