Wednesday, April 19, 2006

till the end of time

Oh, posting that Clann Zú yesterday made me want to post some more. The band consists of Electric Guitar, Electric Violin, Keyboards, Bodhrán, Bass, a guy just for Sound Manipulation and vocalist Declan de Barra, who sings in both English and Irish Gaelic. His themes are always very dramatic spanning subjects such as cultural reclamation, hopelessness and desperation. Usually I find bands that take on such subject matter to be pretentious, but Declan delivers songs that are graceful and beautiful.

In May of 2005 they announced that the band would no longer be recording or touring. Although this is a disappointment, two members(Benjamin and Liam Andrews) are now touring with MY DISCO and Declan is releasing his solo project in June. Enjoy!

[mp3] Clann Zú - Of Course (from S/T)
[mp3] Clann Zú - Words for Snow (from Rua)
[mp3] Clann Zú - Breaking through the hole in your chest (Demo) (Final cut released on Black Coats & Bandages)

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Vishal Gandhi said...

Clann Zu fucking rock !!!