Sunday, April 09, 2006

tomorrow and I'm out of here

Sometimes all that's missing is a little inspiration. Sometimes that doesn’t matter; all you want is that sweet, sweet prize. One down was written because Ben Folds had a certain amount of songs (4.6) to write in a certain amount of time. He was having an inspirational writers block and needed some money so he just pumped out some crap to fulfill his end of his contract.

People tell me Ben just make up junk and turn it in
But I never was alright with turning in a bunch of shit
I don't like wasting time on music that won't make me proud
But now I found a reason to sit right down and shit some out

Maybe you should just get to work and pump out some sweet poetry to fulfill your contract get a sweet prize.

[mp3] Ben Folds - One Down (Live)

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Anonymous said...

Awesome song, but my favorite on the Ben Folds Live album would have to be Not The Same, "where religion and drugs meet back on the other side."