Saturday, April 15, 2006

Vicariously Vicarious

Ok, I realize that today is Saturday and that we usually post some awesome dance tunes today but this just couldn’t wait any longer. If you are a Tool fan you have been waiting almost five years for them to release new material. Finally their new album, 10,000 Days, is being released this May and the band has pushed it as their heaviest album yet (that is saying a lot). I happily happened upon their first single Vicarious. It is a honking 7m:09s, so it has Tool's classic non-radio friendly style. Awesome!

[mp3] Tool - Vicarious

* Buy 10,000 Days once it is released.

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Anonymous said...

Really enjoying this, would love to see the lyrics. Seems to be about murder...

Anonymous said...

Dude Heavy F'N Heavy. But we will see May 11th if the whole album is heavy. I think it will be Tool is good at picking the right song for radio play for an entire representaion of an album.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Tool has again progressed into a new way of delivering an onslaught!!!

Anonymous said...

Here are the lyrics:

Eye on the T.V. 'cause tragedy thrills me.
Whatever flavor it happens to be like..
"Killed by the husband",
"Drowned by the ocean",
"Shot by his own son",
"She used the poison in his tea
and kissed him goodbye".
That's my kinda story.
It's no fun until someone dies.

Don't look at me like I am a monster.
Frown out your one face,
But with the other.
Stare like a junkie into the T.V..
Stare like a zombie,
While the mother holds her child.
Watches him die.
Pleads to the sky crying:
"Why, oh why?"

Cause I need to watch things die... from a distance.
Vicariously I live while the whole world dies.
You all need it too - don't lie.

Why can't we just admit it?
Why can't we just admit?

We won't give pause until the blood is flowing.
Neither the brave nor bold, or writers of stories told.
We won't give pause until the blood is flowing.

I need to watch things die.. from a good safe distance.
Vicariously I live while the whole world dies.
You all feel the same so..

Why can't we just admit it?

Blood like rain come down.
Drown on grave and ground.

Part vampire.
Part warrior.
Carnivore and voyeur.
Stare at the transmitter.
Sing to the death rattle.

Lie (4x)

(Background news headline)

Credulous, divest your desire to believe in
Angels in the hearts of men.
Pull your head on out.
Your head believes it give a listen.
Shouldn't have to say it all again.
The universe is hostile,
So impersonal.
Devour to survive, so it is,
So it's always been.

We all feed on tragedy.
It's like blood to a vampire.

Vicariously, I live while the whole world dies.
Much better you than I

Anonymous said...

Wow. A song all about schadenfreude (suffering in others), and all about the state of the world and the media. The zeitgeist (ghost of our time) is reflected in this song.

There you go. I used two German words that have recently been adopted by the English language.

Anonymous said...

I just like the music I don't care about words (Being a guitarist and all)

Anonymous said...

Man bist du deutsche oder was? ich bin derjenige der die lyrics upgeloaded habe -:)

Anonymous said...

you's a weinerschnitzel

Anonymous said...

ja klar bin ich Deutscher. und ein wienerschnitzel auch, aber schmecke nicht so saltzig.

To the person that said he didn't care about the lyrics because he was a guitarist; that's the dumbest thing I've heard all day.

Anonymous said...

Meine Gitarre ist ein Drache!

Anonymous said...

Can there be any doubt TOOL is the best band of the past decade? This album is going to blow anything else released this year out of the water!

Anonymous said...

7 mins of audio ecstasy = better than any 3 song shot pulled randomly from the radio; tool rules all, fools!

Anonymous said...

Loyal Tool fan since Opiate!

This is throwing it back to the period between Undertow and Aenima... This album is going to be purely amazing... and the live show will be worth traveling for if they don't hit my area

Anonymous said...

Today was the first time I've heard a new Tool song in years... and I have to say.. I'm impressed. but I heard that that 10,000 Days was leaked onto the internet and some fans aren't that happy. They said that Tool reused riffs. Much of this song sounds like Third Eye (AENIMA), including the riffs and vocal patterns. I think I know why. This may be Tools last album. Much like Eminems Encore Album, it seems as if Tool did the same thing by reusing riffs, and creating some sort of finale. I think the song Vicarious is fantastic. Yahoo s/n xxtool420xx

Bastard No. 1 said...

Great song. I'm not sure that I care that it sounds like a lot of their other music. I mean, you can't mistake the sound at least. It does seem a little used as I hear some Tick & Leeches as well - but it's a great song to say to fans of the group - "hey, we're back - remember what you liked 5 years ago - here's the same my record."

Anonymous said...

Anyone who listens to music just for the "meaning" of the lyrics is "dumb". Even John Lennon said he wrote his lyrics the way he did because they rhymed. Hence I don't care about the lyrics because I am a guitarist. And any good musician (like a guitarist) would only be concerned with the artistic ability of the artist and not what they say. So all you have proven that you have no real interest in music just the "meaning" go study philosiphy if you want the "meaning" or start caring about the art! :)

Anonymous said...

Any time you have been in a band for (what is it 16-17 years now for Tool) you develop a sound and start to do things that my sound the same. Look a John Fogerty from CCR he was sued because a CCR song and one of his solo songs sounded similar. Not intentional it just happend that he liked the way the melody went twice in his life. Just listen to other bands that have been together for extended periods (Smashing Pumpkins, Led Zeppelin, even Korn all have a few) They can't be expected to write a all together original piece every time (their are only 12 notes to choose from you know)

Mathamaticaly you don't have a lot of choices thats why many bands have been equated to the bands that influenced them (Hence rip-off bands like Blink-182 that sound like Offspring and Green Day)

I could make a list a thousand pages long but no one would reed it.

Richard S. said...

Here is a different perspective. Tool can be appreciated for both lyrics and music. Some people choose to only pay attention to music because its all they care about. But the true Tool fan goes deeper. A true Tool fan listens to the music, understands its form, progressions, harmonic value, and then begins to look at the story the music tells. After all that, a true Tool fan pays close attention to the lyrics. After all, every true Tool fan knows about the "Holy Gift" and knows that Maynard is leaving us all a nice puzzle to figure out before he passes away. Music and lyrics. Listen to them both with equal care, and you will value Tool much more.

Anonymous said...

To Richard S. Thank you for stating so clearly what others seem to overlook. You are TRULY a True TOOL fan.
Peace Brother

Anonymous said...

I've been a Tool fan since they came out, and personally I think this song is weak.

Anonymous said...

Hence I don't care about the lyrics because I am a guitarist. And any good musician (like a guitarist) would only be concerned with the artistic ability of the artist and not what they say. ------------------wow....that was a stupid comment.

Anonymous said...

10000 days or wings for marie (part 2) is by far the most amazing song. Adam's new techniques work really well I hear the third eye riff in one of the songs but it is not the same riff it just has nearly the same rythm the album is different and i am not disappointed I was scared that i would be but i was kind of impressed.

Anonymous said...

Being from New Orleans and seeing how other cities were glued to the TV as our tragedy was sensationalized, Vicariously strikes a personal chord. This album is phenomenal! By the way, I am a bassist and I pay attention to the lyrics as well. Both music and lyrics meld together to paint a picture and that's where the true artistry lies, very ignorant comment from the "guitarist." Tool truly is one of the most original and artistic bands of all time.

trinity said...

I enjoyed it. Though it does seem to have similar vocal melodies, I don't think that matters. I tend to feel if a band/artist changes people want them back & if they don't people think they're washed up. So do as you damn well please. It's always better that way.

Anonymous said...

the more i listen to vicarious the better i like it. danny carey is unbelievable on the drums while maynard delivers a great vocal performance. simply tool at its greatest. i hope the rest of the album is just as good. keep it up!

Anonymous said...

richard s took the exact thoughts out of my head. Very well said my friend.

Anonymous said...

This song is strong.

Anonymous said...

Richard S is one of the only ones on here who really gets it...Most of these other posts make me sick especially the wannabe guitar player who didnt like the lyrics....whatever man...Tool is just coming back again to prove that they are still the greatest. being the fact that every tool fan i that i mean real tool fan...knows that no Tool Song...gets old and you can listen to them over and over and over. Its just music to some...but whatever.

Anonymous said...

Tool is the dark side of Led Zeppelin.

Rusty Sheridan said...

Not many choices because there's only 12 notes? Are you kidding me? Putting aside the fact that there are many many more semintones and other sounds that can come out of the range of a standard 12-note chromatic scale, think about this.

Using the formula for determining how many possible ways there are to arrange something:


Where C is the possible ways to arrange,
e is the transcendental number 2.71828
N is the number of notes (12)
! means factorial (muptiply all numbers up to and including 12, i.e. 12*11*10*9*8*7*6*5*4*3*2*1

Using that formula, there are something like 1,302,060,469 different ways to arrange those notes.

Now factor in semitones, different ways of tuning, different tambres of instruments, different time signatures, different tempos, etc.

Trust me, we'll never run out of songs. And if this Tool album sounds similar to past ones, it's because Tool wanted it to. Not because they were running out of options.

Anonymous said...

This song is very good. I am not sure why people feel the need to try and determine what is the "right" way to view a song. To me, Tool's music is whole. The music and the lyrics are not separate. They match one another in their tone. They work in unison to drive home the message or feeling.

Anonymous said...

First I can tell who is and is't a guitarist from this post (ie. "thats a stupid comment")

My point is that you people overthink things just enjoy the piece.

arejayaenema said...

Most of it is amazing but one part in the middle starts to sound like disturbed or Korn. Just taking a guess, I'd say the lyrics are how all the media ever gives us is suffering and how we act like its so sad and so terrible but its really just entertainment to us and we dont give a shit. If you really think about it most of the news doesnt serve a purpose. Killed by the husband, Drowned by the ocean,Shot by his own. What good does that information do us. Well thats my thoughts on this song, cant wait to hear the rest.

Anonymous said...

Got my tickets for Tool at the Hard Rock in Vegas on Cinco De Mayo! I have seen TooL 3 other times... two of these times (probably 2 years apart) Maynard threw his water bottle at me and hit me. APC was also a great live show. I can't wait...

Anonymous said...

so he didnt like the lyrics, big deal. when did music become dogmatic? but the way most of you sound, maynards leaving puzzles? come on people. this is how cults are started. next you'll be selling your house and buying an m-16 while moving to texas. keep dissecting if you must, its just that energy could be allocated in better areas. anyone reminded of the dead head era?

Anonymous said...

I just have to say this... Stop argueing about the guitarist guy. Sure he's uninterested in the lyrics and doesn't care but why should you all care about his preferences. And guitar man, just say that you like the way the song sounds or something instead of trying to make some point that lyrics don't matter.

Anyway, yeah. Tool has a great sound, and their mathmetal techniques definitly are satisfying to both the pure metalhead, and the all out rocker. But Tool also appeals to the person into complicated compositions, which makes them an interesting mix of proggressive rock and semi- mainstream rock. I all in all think out of most bands Tool keeps everthing balanced and well thought out in their music, lyrics and over all completion of each project.

However my only problem with the lyrics is that I can't always tell whether maynard is being literal, allegorical, symbolic or speaking with a satire. I also don't enjoy some lyrics on their older albumns, Aenima, Undertow and Opiate. (mostly because they were less inteligent and more angerfilled)

Vicarious is interesting, but honestly, I don't think he's speaking in a sense of the world feeding off media. I think he actually enjoys observing death and he wants to fit in so he says everyone else does too.

Whether it's allegorical or literal... w/e. The song sounds good... I hope the rest are either as good or better, and i hope the lyrics are complete and understandable.


Anonymous said...

Screw all of you over-analytical Tool fans, ripping Maynard apart word-for-word. This album will probably be different than anything else they;ve ever put out. You never know with Tool. So let Maynard express his musical and poetic prose any way he wants, and perform the duty of a fan...JUST FUCKING LISTEN AND SHUT UP!

Anonymous said...

Hey people....i need to officialy say that my boyfriends birthday is May 11 and not to be all "into it" but that's the coolest birthday present ever right. He is by far the most loyal TOOL fan! He talks about them to people more than me. People dont know im his girlfriend until the next half an hour when the other person can get a word in! I love his passion for TOOL . TOOL is by far the coolest band ever since Incubus, boyfriends other somewhere in there so ill buy him the album.... Stereodeath all the way!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tool is a cult of demons that worship the undead tribal architectures 10,000 days prior May, 2nd

Anonymous said...

yeah i read that tool was planning on making this new album their most hardcore yet. i actually just heard this song on the radio! all of a sudden the first new song i've heard from them in years.
Kickass Stuff!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAAAAaaaaa YEeaaaaaaaah this was a bull's eye! Carey is SICK,while the Reverend Maynard leads us to the Eucarist of hahahaaaaaa this album will be something to finish at the show awakened by the force of their artistic blending. Like light bends this will be a SONIC BOOM!
>T. PounderFlea<

Anonymous said...

hey guitar guy. I think lyrics are the most important thing in a song, and I am a guitarest - have been for 12 years. If you think lyrics don't matter, imagine hearing a tool song where maynard is just humming the melody instead of using words. It would sound pointless and boring.

Lyrics don't need to be literal, or have a common literal meaning. Or make sense for that matter. Making them rhyme doesn't sap them of meaning or make the song worse. I think that the lyrics of a song mean something different to everyone. Lyrics cause subconscious stimulation of neurons deep in our mind that trigger thoughts and memories. Words are beautiful artistic instruments.

And to the allergorical/literal poster. I think he is being allergorical in this song. It's hard to say though. Maynards position is always much more interesting if he's somewhere between fact and fiction.

Anonymous said...

As a guitarist, and a long time Tool fan my perspective on music has became that each instrument (including vocals) is simply a piece of a painting. Depending on each band one may be more embellished contouring to style. Lyrics aren't a band that writes their music with them in the backseat. Tool is not one of these bands. Like any Shakespeare play, I never really appreciate a band until I start disecting the music. That being said I think Tool has much to offer in themes lyrically. But that's just my perspective.

By the way, I love the new release. Was two minutes shy of making it to the concert here in Detroit :( Damn selling out *grumble*

-Black and white, all I see, in my infancy-

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tool. In a troubled world you come through again. As for you assholes who can't spell out your profanity in this blog - out of lack of ability, laziness, or fear of repercussion - fuck you. People like you are why our society reeks with cowardice and George Bush leads a once proud nation.

Anonymous said...

some of the hardest shit ive ever heard

Anonymous said...

You guys are awsome!! I've been searching all over the internet all night trying to hear the full song. Finally!! Love it!!! Been listening to it over and over!! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Um....why can't people just listen to the music and enjoy it? it really nessesary to argue? And for those of you who think you are the biggest tool fan...well...your not. and nither am I. They are my favorite band and i fucken love em...but im not gonna clame to be there biggest fan. simply because anyone would be crazy to love them any less than i do...and i dont think its possible to like them any more. We all love tool okay guys...anyways..i'll stop rambling.

Anonymous said...

some people may say it sounds the same as the last album...whatever. Tool has developed its sound to can you improve on something so distinct and original.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome.

I have a masters in mathematics and the tiem signature arrangements that tool use, and how they utilise them is, in my opinion fantastic (exemplified by Vicarious, with a simple 4/4 pattern overlapped with a 12/8 rythm).

; ; Can't wait for them to come to the UK!

Anonymous said...

i really like this band and I'll tell you why. When I hear some of their songs there are certain lines within the lyrics that catch my interest and I have the tendancy to obssess over them and repeat them so to me thats great music, they've got my attention.

Anonymous said...

for the guitarist...

When it comes to tool the music and the words are one..Its like playing your guitar becoming one to the song which makes it real and true..You cant call yourself a guitarist if you dont know this.Dosent matter how good you play it.

Anonymous said...

Well i actually think he is speaking of god for he is the one who watches ppl die from a good safe distance but yea that seems a little harsh

Anonymous said...

And let's not forget the way Maynard uses his voice to sing in different ways in Vicarious.


Tony A from NJ said...

What is with all of this anomitity? I love how all of your nasty comments are disguized by "Anonymous" Why does every blog have to turn negative?? Why does everyone think they are smarter than the next guy, or a bigger fan, or they know more. Really who cares!!. No one cares about you or your stupid opinions. You are all idiots and so am I

Krissy said...

i came home from work one day and the new Tool album was downloaded onto my computer. my boyfriends friend put it on there after he got it off the internet. This is the only CD ive been listening to for the past week. I'm not gonna lie tho, i pretty much only listen to Vicarious, it gives me goose bumps! The rest of the album sounds pretty good tho, it seems pretty mellow compared to some of their previous songs (the first one that pops into my head is Hooker with a Penis) nothing really like that on this album. but awesome non-the-less! I hope they come to philly!

Anonymous said...

Maynard James Keenan was deeply upset that his previous albums were not delved into by more fans, hence why I think that arrogant guitarist is a total moron =) Maynard writes the most complicated lyrics with the deepest meanings any of you have ever seen or heard before. I will say that this song really slacked off on that affect/effect. But Maynard also said that in their new album he was going to write songs that affect HIM, so he was planning to get a lot more personal. All you loyal Tool fans out there will know this already I know, I'm just educating the microscopic minority (the guitarist) who don't appreciate the depth in which we MUST travel into each word that was chosen for each song. I am also a guitarist of 19 years, and if you want to to go brag, don't come around here. A truly gifted musician does not need to advertise themselves as a musician until they have their instrument at their mercy. You would make the great guitarists turn in their graves. If you want music to play that will "wow" people, learn some Steve Vai, Buddy Guy, any jazz guitarist (if you can get your feble mind around the meaning and spirit of jazz), or just look up on Google the top 100 guitarists and learn some of their music (Not Hendrix, Cobain, or any of those guitarists who have been advertised too much) I'm not saying Hendrix was crap, he truly revolutionised the way rock music evolved, but Cobain should not be in that list of top 100. But yes, you pompous, arrogant fool, do not tell these people, these true Tool fans to pick up a book and study philosophy, for these are the fans that Maynard writes songs for.

Thank you to the entire Tool population. You have shown the entire world that you do not have to have long hair, ecstacy for blood, and a roar to be a metal head. In regards to one of the first comments, although it is heavy, Tool have been a lot heavier, those who have all of the albums know this. It's great to see the boys back in action.

Long Live Tool

Matt Berlin said...

I just got back from Coachella, and I gotta tell ya-- they're still the best out there, say what you want about 'em.

Rusty Sheridan said...

It doesn't take a master's in mathematics to realize that 4/4 with 12/8 on top of it is really simple. 12/8 is just like 4/4 with triplets.

try figuring out the theoretical arrangement possibilities for the 12 note chromatic scale. all without a math degree.

Matt Berlin said...
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Matt Berlin said...
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Matt Berlin said...

True, but consider a song based rhythmically and lyrically on the "outwardly spiraling" sequence of Fibonacci Numbers... Not only are you going to have to grok some wicked math to appreciate it (see, you'll have to bone up on your arcana to understand the totality of the song.

Swing on the spiral, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Better version of lyrics

e said...

so i went to the tool show may 15th at the fox theatre in detroit. was fucking awesome, somehow in between the pics i took on my camera phone i got this fucked up picture of some bald w/ just eyelids guy standing in front of my phone, in the background there was a perfect circle w/ symbols and shit on it, fire in the background -makes no sence. later at the state bar, i showed the pic to a random tool fan. he said "oh no shit you actually got a pic of "so and so" i cant believe it!!! he's at every tool show" i take it he's a ghost, anyone here of a ghost/ or guy that is always at their show? i'm not making this shit up, you can see the times all the pictures were taken at. just wondered if anyone ever heard of a certain "being" being at every show. let me know, thx

Anonymous said...

haven't listened to the album more than a couple of times (just got it yesterday) but i'll take anything tool creates over 99% of the utter shit that is being pumped out these days, even if maynard/danny/adam/justin are on auto-pilot.

whoever compared tool to disturbed needs to realize that disturbed would not exist had it not been for tool. the singer for disturbed once admitted that himself in an interview i read.

i was lucky enough to see tool right before undertow came out at the newport roadhouse in southern california. i wanted to get crazy and slamdance or whatever but i could not take my eyes of the band. everyone in the room was transfixed. this was before anyone knew who tool was. people were like "where the fuck did these guys come from?" maynard was doing his crazy monkey dance and pretending to butt-hump the roided-out bouncer idiots with that wierd upset look on his face. tool is at the same time the scariest and funniest band on the planet. hands down, the scariest. none of these pseudo-goth deathmetal satan worshipping horror-movie bands can hold a candle. tool is straight up frightening in so many ways, but read an interview with maynard will show he is a truly smart and hilarious dude with no marilyn manson fake-scary lameness. i will never forget that night and i've been a complete fan ever since.

plus, as a drummer of twenty-plus years, danny carey deserves a place in the drummer hall-of-fame, if there was one. a neal peart for the new generation.

detractors can say what they like, but tool is the single most original act to bust into the mainstream, heavy and powerful with none of the stupid, meathead attitude that accompanies most "hard" bands.