Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Travis and I will decide on a winner for our 100th post contest later tonight, so keep your eyes peeled. We maybe didn't get millions of entries, but enough to make it a difficult decision. Remember, our only criteria were: 1) the topic of awesomeness must be present, 2) it must be fun. Thanks to everybody who took the time to write something for us. We're happy bloggers now.

By the way, you may note two recent changes on this page. Near the top of the sidebar you'll notice not only a fancypants new e-mail address that both Travis and I can check, but also a link to our Feedburner feed for anyone who'd prefer to read us through their favourite newsreader. I've been using Bloglines lately and it saves a lot of time since you're only visiting blogs you know have been updated.

Anyway, while we wait for the big contest announcement, here is some pretty music for -- er -- waiting.

[mp3] Self - Waiting

* To read more about Self and download a bunch of cool free stuff, visit


Anonymous said...

so what is the deal with gizmodgery? why can't you buy it anywhere?? I am dying to hear 'pattycake.' if you've got it, a post would be ever so much appreciated!

The Trick said...

I don't have that one, unfortunately. According to Amazon, the album is available as a Japanese import for the low, low price of $50 US. From what I understand, there are some kind of complicated business reasons why most of the albums are so hard (i.e. impossible) to find. But what do I know...