Thursday, May 11, 2006


Hey folks, sorry for the absence, I have been very busy for reasons totally under my control. The On Vinyl show was fantastic as always, it was nice to see lots of people make it out. Props to those guys for giving our site a shout out, but to clarify things, The Trick and I (Travis) are not the same person! I’ve got a couple of tasty treats for you all today. No real theme just some songs that have been rocking my walkman as of late.

The Exit are a new discovery for me. Apparently they have been around kicking bum since 2000. I just read that back in the middle of March they had their van and all of their gear stolen in California. Wow, that totally sucks. This particular song rocks especially hard.

Also here is my all time favorite (so far) The Faint song, Agenda Suicide. It is from their album Danse Macabre (no I am not spelling dance wrong, that’s the name of the album). The Faint have somehow been able to put together in this one album everything one guy named Travis likes about new wave. Enjoy!

[mp3] The Exit - Let's go to Haiti
[mp3] The Faint - Agenda Suicide

* Buy Home for an Island
* Buy Danse Macabre

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The Trick said...

I totally forgot about that happening at the show. He said something about "The Trick" and "Awesome Until Proven Guilty," so I yelled, "and Travis!" I think he just wasn't aware it was a team blog. But yeah, we are two different people... really.