Friday, May 05, 2006

Still missing in action

Right, so I've still been mostly m.i.a. from this blog the last week. Not only have I been digging my way out of a pile of work (both home and other work), but my home internerd connection has been in need of attention. It will be getting that attention tonight in the form of a new router, so I should be back on top of things in no time.

Speaking of M.I.A., I don't think I've written anything about her on this blog. Before we even get to her music, there are a number of things worth knowing about this person:
  • Real name: Maya Arulpragasam
  • Born in London, raised in Sri Lanka
  • Her father (known as Arular) was a founding member of a militant Tamil group
  • Family tried numerous times to escape civil war
  • Returned to the UK and learned English at age 11
  • An art career led to her designing the cover of Elastica's second album and travelling with the band. Met Peaches.
  • First album, Arular, released February 2005.
As incredible as all this sound, the most amazing part is that her music is as surprising and diverse as her biography. The songs are virtually impossible to pigeon-hole, bringing together Western hip-hip, dancehall, ragga, new wave, pop, etc. Even the lyrics bounce back and forth between UK slang and Eastern influences, protest songs and pop. The resulting sound is somewhat alien to my ears, but it grows on you surprisingly quickly.

[mp3] M.I.A. - Sunshowers
[mp3] M.I.A. - Galang

* Buy Arular
* Full M.I.A. bio at Beggars Group website

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