Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Won't you come on over

The Kooks are a new young band from Brighton, England featuring 19 year old front-man Luke Pritchard, bassist Max Rafferty, guitarist Hugh Harris, and Paul Garred on the drums. They have released an excitingly diverse debut album that takes on many forms of post punk and pop and still manages to flow nicely.
Claiming to be big fans of The Coral, the Kooks praise them for releasing a unique debut album because that is what they wanted to do. Inside In/Inside Out has summery acoustic breezes, soulful piano, crazy synth, hints of ska, sweet melodies and plenty of screaming guitars and brilliant energy. Enjoy!

[mp3] The Kooks - Sofa Song
[mp3] The Kooks - Naive
[mp3] The Kooks - I Want you Back
Not from the album:
[mp3] The Kooks - Crazy (Gnarls Barkley cover)

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henz said...

Love the new album henz

Anonymous said...

Yeah def my favorite new british band