Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Cleaning out the inbox

We haven't really touched on it much, but lately we've been receiving some pretty cool music in our mailbox that various publicists and promoters would like you to hear. In some cases we even agree, so here are some of the highlights for you to check out.

Nathan Asher may come off as a litte too earnest, a little too heart-on-his-sleeve, but I prefer that to those too-cool-for-school rock singers who put as much heart into their music as they would pumping gas. This particular song is perhaps the most accessible of the bunch with a simple chord progression and Asher's signature shakey vocals over it. My favourite lines: "It takes gallons of wine / to quiet the blood /And your eyes may get drunk / but your mind won't shut up enough." The song could be a bit shorter though; I didn't really need that last minute of noodling.
[mp3] Nathan Asher & the Infantry - Sex Without Love

Psapp have made the rounds on the blogs before. At least I think that's how the ended up in my iTunes. Either way, the latest batch of songs we received seems to suggest that this London duo is onto something good. I've once again chosen a quiet and pretty tune. This song may not show off their quirky electronics so much, but it will expose you to the beautiful voice of Galia Durant. Conveniently, the band's album The Only Thing I Ever Wanted is released today by Domino records.
[mp3] Psapp - Tricycle

Whattaya know... Another duo! The Sky Drops do fuzzed-out shoegazer rock. The song "Green to Red," leans more towards the pop side of things and that's a-ok with me. This is like a surreal dream, a warm breeze, and time-traveling to 1991.
[mp3] The Sky Drops - Green to Red

Finally, this gentleman who works under the name Riamiwo didn't actually send anything to us, but he did happen to add me on his myspace, which is how I heard his music. I have to admit I'm not 100% sold on the vocals, but the instrumentation and arrangements are really beautiful. The sound is like organic electronica in the vein of The Notwist, Radiohead, or perhaps Mogwai in their more tender moments. Check out this dreamy instrumental track.
[mp3] Riamiwo - Electric Tagtraum

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exoul said...

funnily enough, i also discovered RIAMIWO's music when he added me as a friend on Myspace. pretty good stuff though. its actually better than my tunes.